Anger at ‘Disappearance’ of Bath’s Public Toilets

The lack of public toilets in Bath & North East Somerset is becoming a huge problem here. The recent closure of the public conveniences in Avon Street again reminds us that Bath and North East Somerset Council is failing to provide sufficient public toilets in Bath.  Not only in Bath, but across North East Somerset too, where it is difficult to find a public toilet in town centres like Keynsham when needed.   

Continuing council cutbacks have reduced service levels across the whole area. Now people are resorting to desperation measures on the streets due to the lack of public toilets, particularly at night. 

Our Conservative council simplistically tells people to use cafes when they need to go to the loo, but this only works if you need the loo during opening hours. 

In addition, there are serious concerns that there is a lack of police officers out on the beat to enforce the law.  Surely, Bath & North East Somerset, which is a very wealthy council with a valuable property portfolio worth hundreds of millions of pounds, should be capable of providing facilities for everyone, both residents and visitors alike for them to respond to unpredictable calls of nature. 

UKIP Bath & North East Somerset opposes the withdrawal of essential public services such as toilets and policing. We believe our Conservative Council is getting its priorities wrong. Why, for example, did the council waste taxpayer’s money on a vanity project costing £804,000 to bring in 20 mph speed limits all over the area, despite a Department for Transport (DfT) report finding that the number of people killed or involved in serious collisions in new 20 mph zones had gone up, not down?

If you are concerned about council waste and reduced level of services, please contact us here.

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