Although Bath is a world heritage city with global significance, UKIP believes that the people who live and work within the Bath constituency matter most.

UKIP is working in the Bath community for a just, fair and independent UK.  By voting UKIP in Bath, you will get a conscientious, dedicated MP or Councillor who wants to make a difference. UKIP believes passionately in finding better ways to deliver local services while keeping tax as low as possible and we will bring back democracy to local people by putting major decisions to local referendums and a binding vote. 

UKIP Bath & North East Somerset covers the parliamentary constituency of Bath, which is a highly distinctive constituency, that includes the historic Roman and Georgian UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Bath constituency is in a magnificent rural position between the Cotswolds and the Mendip Hills. The River Avon passes through the City Centre.

UKIP is committed to supporting people who live in the Bath constituency and the wards contained within it. We focus on protecting local jobs for local people, the outstanding local environment, our cherished green surroundings, our national identity, culture, heritage, and sovereignty.

At a local level, UKIP is committed to the over 70,000 people who live in the Bath constituency and the wards contained within it. If you live in Abbey, Bathwick, Combe Down, Kingsmead, Lambridge, Lansdown, Lyncombe, Newbridge, Odd Down, Oldfield, Southdown, Twerton, Walcot, Westmoreland, Weston or Widcombe, then you are in the Bath constituency. 

UKIP Bath and North East Somerset Branch campaigns hard to increase UKIP’s representation on Bath & North East Somerset Council and to give local residents what they lack, such as control over decision making and more say in what happens in our communities and streets. People are justly worried about local issues such as crime, hospitals, schools, transport, devolution, and the local environment which could be spoiled by unwanted development projects. By voting UKIP in Bath you will get a councillor who is free from party whips and who will act on behalf of their constituents, and not the party.

Bath UKIP was the only political party in Bath to have actively campaigned to leave the EU. Bath’s Tory MP; the LibDems and Labour all supported “remain”. If you live in Bath and want an independent Britain, UKIP is on your side. Bath UKIP’s vision of Britain’s future is as a self-governing, independent nation outside the EU, free to trade with the world.

Our Local PrioritiesLocal Priorities Questionnaire

UKIP believes that Bath & North East Somerset council is killing small, independent retail businesses in the city centre. The only thing our local council cares about is the tourists

UKIP believes that Bath has become a city that no longer cares about the well-being of its own residents. Our council is very proud of its casino (a dubious amenity), yet it has no police station, no weekly rubbish collections nor even a modest concert hall here

Bath & North East Somerset council has no plans for dealing with homelessness and vagrancy in a city in which there appears to be no limit to planning approvals for hotels (even though most visitors are day-trippers) and housing for university students

UKIP believes that the expansion of higher education in Bath has been without consideration for Bath residents

UKIP believes that our local council has no discernible proposals for reviving sustainable employment prospects for school and college leavers in Bath, other than in the leisure and catering sectors. UKIP would put the future of our local young people first

There is a contempt for democracy in Bath, where residents voted against the idea of a directly elected mayor, yet within a year Bath & North East Somerset council voted to join with Bristol and South Gloucester to form the West of England Combined Authority, led by a directly elected metropolitan mayor. This arrangement diminishes even further the influence and accountability of our own elected ward councillors in Bath

UKIP believes that Bath & North East Somerset council is exacerbating the problem of seagulls in the city by encouraging a growing plethora of fast-food outlets in the city centre and would seek to curtail this growth

Cuts in bus subsidies are leading to reduced service levels at the same time as Bath & North East Somerset council is calling for residents to leave their cars at home and use public transport. UKIP says these two policies are incompatible

Bath & North East Somerset council is mismanaging council taxpayers’ money; continually forking out on hopeless vanity projects and cuts in front-line services. UKIP would ensure that council tax is spent on essential services primarily for the benefit of local residents

UKIP considers Bath & North East Somerset council’s decision-making process to be undemocratic and our party would strive to abolish its undemocratic ‘Cabinet’ system

UKIP believes there is an over concentration on tourism in Bath which is leading to a deterioration in quality of life for established residents. UKIP would always put residents before tourists

Do you have an issue that you would like us to look at? Please feel free to email us in the first instance at

UKIP supports Make Votes Matter. a cross party campaign to bring Proportional Representation to the House of Commons

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