When Gordon Brown’s Labour government’s decided to sign the Lisbon Treaty without a public mandate, the overly pro-EU Lib Dems disingenuously claimed it had no constitutional implications for the UK. The Lib Dems ignored the fact that signing the Lisbon Treaty would mean taking the UK into an ever closer union within an ever expanding federal Europe and complete loss of our national veto. The Lib Dems abstained on an opposition motion to hold a referendum on the Treaty, thereby making quite sure that Labour won the vote and the Treaty came into effect. The LibDems cleverly blocked the chance of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty because they knew the public would vote against it!. Now the Lib Dems including Bath MP Wera Hobhouse are up to their old tricks again. They are now calling for a second referendum in the hope that gullible voters would be taken in and would vote against independence. Don’t let the Lib Dems get away with it!  Vote UKIP! 


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