On 2nd May we have a chance to cast our votes in Bath & North East Somerset. These elections are local, and all our candidates are resident in Bath & North East Somerset. They all stand for UKIP; the party that has been fully committed to regaining UK independence for over 25 years and to fully implementing the 2016 referendum result. All our candidates aim to bring the best local policies to Bath & North East Somerset, and you can read more about these in UKIP’s 2019 Local Manifesto here. UKIP councillors all over the country are driving down council tax, stamping out waste and corruption and giving power back to the people. UKIP councillors are committed to do the same here in Bath & North East Somerset. Some ways we would fight to achieve this are by slashing excessive pay deals for senior council staff, abolishing non-essential jobs and red tape and reducing the number of councillors. 

We believe the legacy parties have won elections in Bath & North East Somerset in the past, not on merit, but because most people always vote the same way every time. Many have now realised that their chosen parties are out of touch with their own values. With few exceptions, none of these legacy parties has any real intention of reducing immigration, nor fully implementing the 2016 EU Referendum result, nor of honouring their 2017 manifesto promises to do so. The current shambles created by the LibLabCon cartel over the Article 50 extension, and their blatant attempts at revocation to stop Brexit, is sufficient proof of that, and needs no further comment from us. 

When you go to the polls on 2nd May; ask yourself one question. Does the party you normally vote for genuinely want to achieve the things that are important to you? If you voted to leave the EU on 23rd June 2016, the answer should be clear. It is time to change your voting habits! 

To coincide with the greatest betrayal in living memory, the local elections across Bath and North East Somerset on 2nd May 2019 are a well-timed opportunity to send a very clear message to the establishment parties.

UKIP’s 2019 local election candidates in Bath & North East Somerset

Keynsham South Ward
Nathan Lerway

Keynsham North Ward
Steve Grimes

Paulton Ward
Ian Kealey

Radstock Ward
Philip Allen

Westfield Ward
Michael Hooper

Download your Vote UKIP window poster here 

Download your Vote UKIP window poster here 

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