UKIP Bath and North East Somerset Branch campaigns within the parliamentary constituency of North East Somerset. This is a large and diverse agricultural and urban district, which prior to 1997 was known as Wansdyke.

If you live in Bathavon North, Bathavon South, Bathavon West, Chew Valley North, Chew Valley South, Clutton, Farmborough, High Littleton, Keynsham East, Keynsham North, Keynsham South, Mendip, Midsomer Norton North, Midsomer Norton Redfield, Paulton, Peasedown, Publow and Whitchurch, Radstock, Saltford, Timsbury or Westfield then you are in the North East Somerset constituency. 

At a local level, UKIP is committed to work on behalf of people who live in the North East Somerset constituency and the wards contained within it.

UKIP Councillors are free from party whips and act on behalf of their constituents, not the party. People are justly worried about local issues such as crime, hospitals, schools, transport, population growth and the environment. 

UKIP Bath & North East Somerset is working to increase UKIP’s representation on Bath & North East Somerset Council and to give local residents what they lack, such as control over their communities and more say in what happens in our towns, villages and streets. We want to bring back democracy to local decision making. We are honest about immigration, jobs and housing and we put local residents first.

Local branch members campaigning in Keynsham High Street

In North East Somerset, we oppose the domination of the Tories who are getting away with reducing local services and failing to deliver value for local residents. Their latest mass housing scheme will damage our rural constituency, destroy traditional Somerset villages like Whitchurch, and will spoil the way of life for many. UKIP believes that there is a population crisis not a housing crisis. By taking firm action to curb immigration there will no longer be a need for so many new houses across Bath & North East Somerset.  Unfortunately, the Tory government is failing to meet its immigration reduction target and that is driving up the national population by around half a million people annually. That, coupled with a irresponsible housing policy means that our rural area is under threat like never before. Our sitting MP is a Conservative who toes the party line, meaning that if you oppose the new mass housing developments planned for North East Somerset, then you have no representation in Westminster. 

UKIP would preserve our green spaces, resist urban sprawl and would utilise brown-field sites to build affordable homes for local people service veterans.

UKIP is concerned about the lack of expenditure on road safety projects across North East Somerset, particularly on the major roads such as the A37 where there is a health and safety risk from the increasingly large numbers of heavy goods vehicles that pass through the North East Somerset villages. There is a lack of protection for pedestrians in residential areas but the Tory council refuses to increase spending in North East Somerset, preferring to spend its money in Bath. UKIP would prioritise safety of local residents over and above the heavy goods vehicles passing though our area and would ensure sufficient financial resources are allocated to achieve this.

We believe passionately in finding better ways to deliver local services while keeping tax as low as possible within an independent and prosperous nation. By voting UKIP in North East Somerset, you will get a conscientious, dedicated MP or Councillor who wants to make a difference.

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UKIP supports Make Votes Matter. a cross party campaign to bring Proportional Representation to the House of Commons

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