Thornberry proves you cannot trust Labour to leave the EU

Labour would be “off our bloody rockers” not to back staying in the European Union in all circumstances, Emily Thornberry has said

Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry has stated that Labour should put any Brexit deal to a referendum in which Labour must back Remain.

Thornberry’s unconstitutional views came just days after the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn refused to say whether he supported the UK staying in the EU.

It is not the first time the Labour frontbencher has expressed her strong pro-EU views. In May, Thornberry blamed Labour’s confused policy on Brexit for its poor performance in the European elections. She said at the time, “We should have said quite simply that any deal that comes out of this government should be put to a confirmatory referendum and that Remain should be on the ballot paper and that Labour would campaign to Remain.”

Now you know; Labour would almost certainly try to overturn the biggest democratic vote in British history.

If you truly want to take your country back, vote UKIP.    

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