June was an excellent month for UKIP when, nationally, UKIP gained an amazing upsurge of 1000 new members.

Since then, as UKIP accurately foretold, Theresa May and her Tory cabinet betrayed the Nation by announcing a new trade association with the EU which is a clear betrayal of 52% of the nation; and 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU. These were the same people who naively switched their allegiance and voted for the 2017 Tory manifesto that promised to do just that.

They were betrayed. We now know the Tories lied to us, and their 2017 manifesto was all a sham.

This rotten Tory government deal would condemn the UK to trading arrangements determined by the EU to which the British people would have no democratic say. Determined by faceless, unelected foreign bureaucrats, who we cannot remove. The European Court would continue to have the last word, freedom of movement would effectively continue under a different name and we would not be able to determine our own British standards for manufactured goods. There will be no return to the British “kite mark” and the Tory deal would leave us with a “Brexit in Name Only” (“BRINO”).  

Are you surprised? We have said it before and we will say it again; the europhile LibLabCons are all the same.

Recognising that UKIP has consistently warned not to trust the Tories with Brexit, thousands of former members instantly returned to UKIP’s fold. Incredibly, our party gained another 2000 members in July. What’s more, at the time of writing that was only half way through the month! Also; UKIP is suddenly rising in the polls with a massive 3% growth in only the last few days. Why would that happen, we wonder?  

In other news; we welcomed four high profile new members; Paul Joseph Watson, Count Dankula, Sargon of Akkad and Milo Yiannopoulos, all influential social media gurus, with a massive combined following, not only within the UK but all over the world. They are all champions of free speech and they will greatly extend UKIP’s ability to communicate. 

UKIP is the only major UK political party committed to protecting free expression. We have recently launched a Free Speech Campaign and we have contributed to several events across the country where thousands of people have turned out to support freedom of speech. UKIP leader, Gerard Batten has spoken at many of them, where the crowds have loudly applauded him. Unfortunately, the mainstream media rarely, if ever, report on these events but you can view Gerard’s speech at the recent 2nd anniversary of independence celebration on our TV & Video Channel here.

This all looks very promising for our September Party Conference, which takes place in Birmingham. It is the 25th anniversary of UKIP’s foundation and this conference promises to be the greatest ever.

While recognising what we have achieved so far, we in UKIP know there is more work for us to do. We still want our country back and we are still determined (more than ever) to achieve that going forward. There is strength in numbers so if you want to join the fightback; join us today.  

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