UKIP out in force in Midsomer Norton to highlight Theresa May’s Brexit betrayal

UKIP Bath & North East Somerset Branch organised a street display in Midsomer Norton High Street on 21st July to highlight Theresa May’s betrayal of the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU on 23rd June 2016. We met a large number of local shoppers, many of whom expressed outrage at the Tory government’s white paper, which they believe will lead to a Brexit in Name Only (“BRINO”).

Our members received a very warm reaction from the local people and noticeably warmer than anything we have had in Midsomer Norton before, with many shoppers also criticising Labour’s position on remaining in the customs union.

The overwhelming message we received was “Welcome back; where have you been; we’ve missed you, and we wanted to vote for you in 2017”!!

Lots of shoppers found time to stop and engage with us. Our stock of Brexit bags was enthusiastically snapped up. We received an absolutely positive, very friendly response and we will be out again soon.

We believe the feelings voiced to us by many residents of Midsomer Norton are a reflection of the mistrust now being expressed nationally since the announcement of the Tory government’s Brexit white paper. According to a recent Opinium Research Westminster voting intention poll UKIP has risen from 3% to 8% (+5) nationally within the space of one week. We have also gained 3000 or so new members nationally as a direct result of the Tory government’s weak stance on Brexit.

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