What UKIP Stands For!

Some people in Bath and North East Somerset don’t know what UKIP really stands for.

There are a lot of misconceptions and, indeed, misrepresentations around our current aims and policies. So, now that UKIP has achieved its twin objectives of securing a referendum on EU membership, and then winning it, this is a good time to explain exactly what our party now stands for.

The UK Independence Party formed relatively recently, in 1993, with values based primarily on the concept of individual liberty. We are a patriotic party and we champion common-sense solutions to many of the problems that hold people back in their lives.

In recent years, we have attracted a growing number of voters who have broken their bonds with the old parties. UKIP now has members and supporters from all political persuasions from conservative, to socialist, to liberal and to radical. We offer a different choice, and something substantially unlike the traditional parties.

UKIP seeks to diminish the role of the State in our lives, to reduce the burden of taxation on individuals and businesses, to strengthen and guarantee essential, traditional freedoms and liberties for everyone in the United Kingdom and to ensure proper control over our national borders.

UKIP believes that the United Kingdom should be governed by our own citizens, primarily in the national interest and in the interest of its people. The only laws that should apply within the UK should be those wholly made by our own national Parliament. UKIP believes in preserving the United Kingdom after we regain our independence from the European Union and we want to ensure that our country never again enters into any Treaty or joins any international organisation, which in any way involves the surrender of any part of our national sovereignty.

UKIP adheres to the principles of rule of law, liberty, democracy and respect for the human rights and the essential, traditional freedoms of the United Kingdom people and for those under UK protection. We respect the principle of full equality before the law, and we do not discriminate against or in favour of any person on the grounds of their race, religion, ethnic origin, education, beliefs, sexual orientation, class, social status, sectarianism or any other basis prescribed by law. However, we are honest about immigration, jobs and housing and we put our local residents first.

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